CLLC Hypermedia Studio

The CLLC Hypermedia Studio supports and encourages the use of technology-enhanced instruction in world languages, literatures and cultures. The CLLC Hypermedia Studio staff also provides training to help world language faculty and GTAs repurpose the satellite broadcasts beamed into the Crane Café for classroom use. In addition, the staff provide consultation services to faculty wishing to develop world language multimedia projects—large and small—or to use technology more effectively in their classrooms.  Staff members worked with world language faculty to create innovative world language multimedia software for Chinese Communicating in the Culture (Professor Galal Walker) and Japanese, The Spoken Language (Professor Mari Noda) and to create a first-of-its kind online East Asian Humanities course (Professor Mark Bender).The Freeman Foundation and AT&T have provided much of the funding for these projects.  For more information about the CLLC Hypermedia Studio, please contact Abhijit Varde.