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CLLC Radio is offered by the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Students of French, Italian, Modern Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian train to be radio DJs for three live broadcasts in the target language. They research target language radio history, often with a DJ partner, and choose themes, music and content for each performance. Offered Autumn semester for all languages except Modern Greek.  (Modern Greek is offered Winter semester).  For more information about CLLC Radio contact Rebecca Bias (


CLLC RADIO WI19 (Modern Greek)


Listen LIVE at link below (only active during broadcast times)!

Emily Pandis and Yiannis Kellis on Greek-English Bilingualism

Tuesday, February 19, 1:15-2:30pm

Michael Pirovolos and Nikos Stamos on Summer Studies in Athens

Friday February 22, 1-2pm

Emily Pandis and Yiannis Kellis on China's Belt and Road Initiative

March 22, 1pm

Final broadcast and party in Crane Café, Hagerty Hall:

April 19, 2-4pm:  link to Greek Radio Final Broadcast and Event Poster