Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Community Interpreter® (TCI)?

The Community Interpreter® (TCI) is the only national training program in the U.S. for community interpreters and the leading program for medical interpreters. The program is highly interactive and skills-based, while incorporating the latest advances in the field. You can find out more information at

Do I have to attend all 40 hours?

Yes! Under the license agreement with TCI, in order to receive a certificate of completion you must attend all 40 hours.

Do I need to have a language assessment?

Yes! Under the TCI license agreement, you must pass a neutral third-party language assessment. The language proficiency testing ensures that there is a basic level of fluency in both English and the Target Language. 

What can I expect during the class?

The class is taught in a relaxed adult learning environment. The trainers provide light snacks and water, frequent breaks and the dress code is business casual. Jeans are appropriate. Please bring your own snacks if you have special dietary needs, and a sweater or light jacket in case the temperature of the classroom is a bit chilly. There will be a lunch break each day. During COVID protocol, this training is offered through distance learning in our Ohio State Carmen Canvas portal, and each registrant will receive personal access.

Will I be certified if I pass the class?

No. There is national certification for spoken language interpreters both through CCHI, as well as through NBCMI. TCI is an excellent training to help prepare you for National Certification! However, receiving a certificate of completion does not make you a “Certified” interpreter. You are considered “Qualified” if you have completed at least 40 hours of a standardized medical interpreter training and have a satisfactory neutral third-party language assessment. You may not call yourself a certified medical interpreter after this class until you have taken and passed one of the aforementioned exams.

When will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

Once your test scores are assessed, you will receive a signed pdf TCI certificate to the email you provide in registration.

What makes TCI different from other trainings being offered in Central Ohio for interpreters?

TCI has been branded as a highly respected and recognized training throughout the U.S. Investing your time and resources in a well-respected and well-known training allows you to present your interpreting credentials locally and nationally with the peace of mind that your credentials will be recognized and valued. TCI is listed as one of the recommended trainings for preparation for certification through NBCMI and CCHI.

I do not have experience in the medical field. Is this training appropriate for me?

Yes! Participants in TCI come from a variety of backgrounds—from novice to professional interpreters. That is part of what makes the class so interesting! The class is taught in a way that incorporates and includes differing skill levels.