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Note: The CLLC Technology Certificate is not currently being offered.


The role of technology in education is at the forefront of academic discourse. Universities around the world are seeking instructors who are at ease with technology resources, and who can inform and instruct other language faculty on appropriate and effective multimedia and open source resources. Instructors who use technology in their teaching enable students to use the same or similar technologies in their learning. The CLLC Technology Certificate is a valuable tool for any graduate student who will soon be looking to academia for positions in the areas of language, culture or literature or plans an alternate career in business or government.

Description/Purpose of Program

The purpose of the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures Technology Certificate is to provide graduate students with a solid introduction to the instructional technology tools necessary to bring authentic language, literature and culture to their students and to understand the role of these technologies. Using multimedia and open source software, CLLC technology certificate students integrate current events and examples of cultural authenticity into their lesson plans and courses for a more enriching in-class and/or out-of-class experience for their students. They develop new software skills addressing web site design basics, audio, video, and image editing techniques. In addition, the students are introduced to the principles of instructional design necessary for the integration of multimedia technology, as well as exploring resources to become knowledgeable and conversant in emerging technologies and online learning trends in post-secondary education.  Professional development workshops and software tutorials enhance students’ learning experience. The CLLC Technology Certificate thus enables the graduate students to teach effectively, encourage their students to learn communicatively, and help them integrate seamlessly into an age digital media and global networking.

Certificate Eligibility

MA or PhD candidates in languages who have completed the 2 week GTA training workshop and accompanying semester course are eligible for the certificate program. Written permission of academic advisor is required.

Please contact Rebecca Bias, for complete details about the CLLC Technology Certificate Program.