CELPE-Bras Exam

Celpe-Bras exam

Ohio State University is one of three universities in the United States that administers the CELPE-Bras exam.

The CELPE-Bras exam is the official Brazilian Portuguese Proficiency exam for non-native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese. It provides an official proficiency certificate of Portuguese recognized by the Brazilian government.

The Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures in collaboration with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Center for Latin American Studies, offers the exam.

You will need to take the CELPE-Bras exam if you are:

  • planning to attend a university in Brazil
  • planning to work in Brazil

The exam is only administered TWICE a year and registration is required months in advance.

The next CELPE-Bras exam will be in 2022 at The Ohio State University Columbus campus.

OSU will not be offering a 2021 Celpe-Bras exam. 

For more details on how to register once the registration period is active, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Contact atendimento.celpebras@inep.gov.br if you have any questions on the exam.

Contact the CLLC at cllc@osu.edu regarding testing procedures at Ohio State.


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STEP 1: Register at the CELPE-Bras official website 

  • Select “First Access” for a temporary login and password and “Celpe-Bras Authentication” to create a password. You will be given a  registration number and will be requested to review and print the Registration Confirmation Card and access individual results over the internet.
  • You must provide a valid passport number or ID in the country of registration. The country and application post where you prefer to take the exam is also defined during registration.

Step 2: Pay for the registration fee

  • Pay for the $115 registration fee here.  

Step 3: Send supporting documents

  • Send a copy of your identification (passport or photo ID) that you will be using to sign-in on the day of the exam to Estephanie Ortiz at Ortiz.115@osu.edu. It is the participant's responsibility to monitor the status of their application. It will only be confirmed after payment of the registration fee and the receipt of the payment receipt at the applying post.

The CELPE-Bras exam consists of two main parts: written and oral.

Written section (3-hour exam): You’ll need to complete four components: video and audio comprehension; written production; and two essays. In this part, your level of Portuguese will be evaluated as well as your comprehension and understanding of audio.

Oral section (20-minute exam): Interview-style exam with two evaluators where you will be asked about your personal interests and current Brazilian affairs.


You can prepare for CELPE-Bras exam by taking exams from previous editions. In the Tests section are available the tests of all editions of Celpe-Bras. Inep's YouTube Celpe-Bras playlist also feature helpful videos.


You should:

  • make sure your registration has been approved.
  • arrive at the testing location at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the tests.
  • carry valid identification (passport or government-issued photo ID) to present before the exam.
  • put your cell phone and other belongings in an envelop before entering the exam room.
  • sign all exam documents. 

Depending on your result in the exam, you’ll be granted one of the following four levels: Intermediate, Higher Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Advanced.


The results will be published in the Official Gazette (DOU). You can also find the results on the Celpe-Bras website.



Below is a breakdown of scores and the equivalent certification for the CELPE-Bras exam.

  • Between 4.26 to 5.00: You get the Higher Advanced Level certificate
  • Between 3.51 to 4.25: You get the Advanced Level certificate
  • Between 2.76 to 3.50: You get the Higher Intermediate Level certificate
  • Between 2.00 to 2.75: You get the Intermediate Level certificate
  • Between 0.00 to 1.99: You don’t get a certificate

In order to obtain a higher level of certification, you’ll need to obtain the same mark in both parts of the exam. If you score higher in either the oral or written test, your certification will be based on your lowest mark.

Your certificate will be generated electronically on the Celpe-Bras website and validated by electronic protocol.