CELPE-Bras Exam

Quer comprovar sua proficiência em Língua Portuguesa?

The Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CLLC), in collaboration with the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese and Center for Latin American Studies, is now offering the Celpe-Bras exam. The CLLC is certified by the Brazilian Department of Education  (Ministério de Educação e Cultura-MEC) and the National Institute for Research in Education (Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Educacionais Anísio Teixeira-INEP) to administer Celpe-Bras, the official Brazilian Portuguese Proficiency exam for non-native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese.

Why take the Celpe-Bras?

The Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners (CELPE-Bras) examination is the only exam of its type that is officially acknowledged by the Brazilian Government. The Celpe-Bras may also be required by many institutions in the Brazilian professional and academic sectors.

Where to take the Celpe-Bras?

The CELPE-Bras exam is offered in Brazil and many other countries, such as the United States, Germany, Chile, Colombia and Japan, with the support of the Brazilian Ministry of International Relations.

Within the United States, the CELPE-Bras is only offered at the following universities: Georgetown University, The Ohio State University and University of California UC Davis.
The Ohio State University will be the first Big Ten School to offer this exam.

What is the exam like?

There are four levels of certification: intermediate, higher intermediate, advanced and higher advanced. The exam consists of listening, reading, oral and written productions. 

The Exam has a Written Part and an Oral Part. Writing, which lasts for three hours, has four text production tasks, starting from inputs such as videos, audios and written text. The Oral Part, lasting 20 minutes, is a face-to-face, face-to-face interaction between the participant and the evaluator-interlocutor.

How do I register?

Registration must be made by the Celpe-Bras System . Sign up beginning 10am on August 5th to August 25, 2019 by 11:59 pm. Brasilia Time should be considered.

Step 1: Register at the Celpe-Bras System site.

Select “First Access” for temporary login and password and “Celpe-Bras Authentication” to create password. The generated registration number and the registered password will be requested to: follow the registration; consult and print the Registration Confirmation Card; access individual results over the internet.

You must provide your valid passport number or ID in the country of registration. The country and application post where you prefer to take the Exam is also defined during registration.


To test in the next round occurring October 16-18, 2019 at The Ohio State University Columbus campus please register here! (Link: http://celpebras.inep.gov.br/celpebras/#!/index)


Step 2: Pay for Registration Fee

There is a $100 fee that must be paid along with registration.
Click to Pay Registration Fee

Step 3: Send supporting documents

Please send a copy of the identification (passport or photo ID) you will be using to sign in the day of the exam to Estephanie Ortiz Ortiz.115@osu.edu.
To apply for the exam, candidates must provide an identification document (passport, official national ID card or driver's license) and pay a registration fee of $100.

Next Steps after Registration:

Track your application

The data entered during registration may only be changed during the registration approval period, which ends on August 25, 2019. Please follow your registration to confirm that all data is correct.

It is the participant's responsibility to monitor the status of their application. It will only be confirmed after payment of the registration fee and the receipt of the payment receipt at the applying post.

Prepare for the exams

The Exam has a Written Part and an Oral Part. Writing, which lasts for three hours, has four text production tasks, starting from inputs such as videos, audios and written text. The Oral Part, lasting 20 minutes, is a face-to-face, face-to-face interaction between the participant and the evaluator-interlocutor.

Prepare for exams by taking exams from previous editions. In the Tests section are available the tests of all editions of Celpe-Bras. Inep's YouTube, Celpe-Bras playlist , are the motivating videos and audios.

On Exam Day

Check your document

To perform the Exam, it is mandatory to present the passport or original photo ID, valid in the country where Celpe-Bras is held. Check your document in advance.

Separate what to take

The ID card and black ink ballpoint pen made of transparent material are indispensable. Separate what you bring in advance. It is not required to present the Registration Confirmation Card.

Check the address of the applying post in advance. Preferably make the commute early to avoid delays.

Arrive on time

Celpe-Bras 2019/2 will be held from October 16 to 18, 2019, at enforcement posts in Brazil and abroad. The Written Part will be applied on the morning shift on the 28th. You must be at the race site 30 minutes in advance. Check the time next to the applicator station.

It is your responsibility to obtain information about the location and times of the Examination, for both the Written and the Oral sections, at the application post where the registration was approved. 

Follow directions

There are several obligations of the participant at the date of the Exam. Follow the guidelines:

- Make sure, in advance, in the Celpe-Bras System , that your registration has been approved; 
- Arrive at the testing location at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the tests; 
- Carry valid identification; 
- Store, before entering the exam room, in an envelope, the cell phone and disconnected electronic equipment, and other belongings; 
- Keep, under the wallet, the sealed envelope and identified from the entrance to the exam room until the final exit of the room; 
- Report to the room applicator in case of any occurrence regarding the application materials to be taken;
- Sign, in designated spaces, all Exam documents; 
- Transcribe the answers from the Question Book to the Answer Sheet according to the instructions.

After the exam

See your result

The results of the Celpe-Bras 2019/2 will be published in the Official Gazette (DOU). See also the results by the Celpe-Bras System .

The use of Celpe-Bras individual results for selection, classification and / or award purposes is not the responsibility of Inep. The Institute also does not provide certificates and statements regarding classification or grade.

Request your certificate

To receive the Portuguese Language Proficiency Certificate you must reach at least the intermediate level in both parts of the Exam. If their performance differs in both parts, the lower result shall prevail. Apply for your certificate according to the score.

Proficiency level


Advanced Superior

4.26 to 5


3.51 to 4.25

Upper Intermediate

2.76 to 3.50


2 to 2.75

Without certification

0 to 1.99


The certificate is generated electronically in the Celpe-Bras System and validated by electronic protocol. To prove the result before national or foreign institutions, the publication in the DOU has the same value as the Electronic Certificates.