Finding community through interpreting

February 6, 2020

New role merges interests and shapes medical career path for alumnus

Katy McFarland interprets for Miriam Vargas as she schedules an appointment.

Katy McFarland had a plan after graduating from Ohio State: spend a year in Spain, followed by medical school.


Different majors, same path

January 7, 2020

Two graduates – and friends – discover their next steps thanks to education abroad experiences



Mark Kolat and Kaitlyn Rabe love languages and took a similar path while at Ohio State.


Summer in Québec City: A Q&A with Erin Gleason

April 17, 2019

A picture of Erin Gleason on a boat in Bay-Saint-Catherine whale watching

Major: Architecture
Minors: French & City and Regional Planning
Class of 2019

By Ana Mitchell

This past summer you studied in Québec City, Canada for five weeks. Can you tell us about your time abroad?

My time abroad was invaluable–  I know it’s said a lot, but living somewhere the language you are studying is spoken is truly so crucial to develop and refine your skills. And the chance to do it in such a beautiful city was an amazing opportunity! In Québec, we stayed at the Université Laval, where we took courses alongside students from all over the world. Some of the closest friends I made at the program were from Toronto, Mexico City, and Munich. Each day, we would have class from about 8:00 am until noon, and then there were tons of planned activities, such as cooking, hiking, and playing volleyball available at the university, or we could travel around the city and explore as we liked! It was a great balance of school work and the chance to relax, hangout, and experience the beautiful city of Québec.

Why did you choose this program in comparison to other French-language study abroad programs?

I chose the Summer French at Laval program because one of my French professors here, Gloria Torrini-Roblin, highly recommended it! It was a good length, and not too expensive either. I was able to drive there and back instead of fly. Further, the layout of the program having classes in the mornings and then afternoons and evenings free really appealed to me, and all of the extra activities that the Université Laval offered were an awesome bonus.