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Graduate Student Emerging Technology Research Grants

The application period for this extended grant is now over.  All available funds have been exhausted. Please check back in Autumn 2024.

The CLLC will award grants of up to $5000 for research in emerging technology such as Virtual Reality, 360 videos, etc. as applied to world language teaching. Funds will be awarded to graduate students to pay for technology expertise in the development of their projects (be it for a course, a research paper, a dissertation project, etc.) ​ 

NOTE:  Any hardware purchased for the research project must be surrendered to the CLLC at the close of the project timeline.

Documentation required:

  • 350-word statement describing your research project (see application form for more details).
  • OSU transcript (Advising Report accepted)
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor supervising your research study

All applicants are required to view the Zoom recording of the VR Introduction Event that was held in the CLLC on October 18, 2023. Please email Rebecca Bias for the Zoom link before applying.

​Please remind your referral to email the recommendation letter to bias.3@osu.edu

Questions?  Contact Rebecca Bias

Note: Applicants may apply for multiple grants (through the CLLC website) for the same research project/program/conference. However, please note that if an applicant receives a grant (with the earlier deadline), the second award will be given to the same applicant only if funds are available after the award decisions have been made, and provided the applicant has *not* exceeded their requested budget with *all* funding sources.