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CLLC Director, SLS Affiliated Faculty

Director, Professor of Italian & Romance Linguistics
100 Hagerty Hall


Senior Lecturer, Director of African Languages

SLS Affiliated Faculty

Anna Babel
Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics
234 Hagerty Hall
Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza
Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics
154C Hagerty Hall
Associate Professor in Chinese
362 Hagerty Hall
Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning
Ludmila Isurin
Professor and Undergraduate Studies Chair
363 Hagerty Hall (office) & 400 Hagerty Hall (mailing)
Leslie Moore
Associate Professor, Dept. of Teaching and Learning
Mineharu Nakayama (中山峰治)
Professor in Japanese
381 Hagerty Hall
Holly J. Nibert
Associate Professor Hispanic Linguistics & Language Program Director
240 Hagerty Hall
Mari Noda (野田眞理)
Professor in Japanese
329 Hagerty Hall
Danielle O. Pyun (변우영)
Associate Professor in Korean
324 Hagerty Hall
Associate Professor | Language Education Studies
346A Arps Hall
Scott Schwenter
Professor Hispanic Linguistics, Director of the Center for Latin American Studies
274 Hagerty Hall
Assistant Language Program Director
247 Hagerty Hall
Carmen Taleghani-Nikazm
Professor, Director of Undergraduate German Language Instruction
438 Hagerty Hall
Francis Troyan
Associate Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning
Galal Walker (吴伟克)
Professor in Chinese
386 Hagerty Hall
Associate Professor in Chinese
344 Hagerty Hall
Wynne Wong
238 Hagerty Hall
Zhiguo Xie (解志国)
Associate Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies
360 Hagerty Hall
Etsuyo Yuasa (湯浅悦代)
Associate Professor, Dept. of East Asian Languages and Literatures
342 Hagerty Hall


Rebecca Bias
Assistant Director
100 Hagerty Hall
Media and Outreach Specialist
100 Hagerty Hall
Program Coordinator
Hagerty Hall 120D
Academic Program Specialist
100E Hagerty Hall
Sujan Manandhar
Distance Learning and Technology Manager
160 Hagerty Hall
Abhijit Varde
Assistant Director for Technology
100 Hagerty Hall
Academic Program Services Specialist