Mission Statement

The Center for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (CLLC) supports the understanding that learning one or more languages and the cultures they represent is essential for working in our 21st-century interconnected world because it powerfully and uniquely contributes to Intercultural Competence: the ability to communicate and act appropriately across cultures, and work with people from different backgrounds at home or abroad. The CLLC is a hub that connects and supports language learners and instructors by providing physical and virtual spaces, facilitating access to resources, investigating the creative potential of emerging media and technologies, and training best practices. We offer graduate and undergraduate students the intellectual, linguistic, and cultural tools they need to succeed personally and professionally, and we bring together scholars from across the university and the world to increase our understanding of diverse cultures, their peoples, and their languages. Engagement with partners in the world of business, education, government, and social agencies enhance the student experience and their preparation for the future. The CLLC leverages technology and outreach activities in order to create cultural and social experiences that grow the global community within and beyond The Ohio State University.