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Collaborative Articulation and Assessment Project

CAAP is a creative, action-oriented articulation project designed to address the problems typically associated with leading language learners from high school to post-secondary world language instruction. CAAP participants have generated a set of user-friendly outcome statements, grouped by level and skill, known as the CAAP Common Core. The CAAP Early Assessment Measures are based on these outcome statements. The CAAP Early Assessment Measures are a set of proficiency-based exams in French, German, Spanish and Chinese. The exams measure writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. Each student receives a report on his or her performance on these exams with an indication of potential university course placement. Because research shows that one should study a language for four to six years in order to acquire functional proficiency, test results should reinforce the appeal of a sustained sequence of world language study through high school. For more information contact CAAP director Rebecca Bias.