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Global Citizen Summer Camp

The Global Citizen Summer Camp is a non-residential camp for middle school students (rising 6th through 8th graders). Through a variety of interactive and age appropriate activities, students are taught to step outside their comfort zone and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to belong to and navigate within multiple and diverse communities. Students will learn basics of a world language through an immersive experience and participate in activities that focus on developing intercultural competence and global citizenship.

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Monday, July 15th – Friday, July 19th

9 AM – 5 PM
OSU Campus - Hagerty Hall




The overarching objectives are to promote skills in students to effectively:  

  1. Communicate in the language of the people with whom one is interacting  
  2. Interact with awareness, sensitivity, empathy, and knowledge of the perspectives of others
  3. Have developed cultural self-awareness and examined their beliefs, values, and assumptions regarding cultural differences
  4. Withhold judgment, examining one’s own perspectives as similar to or different from the perspectives of people with whom one is interacting
  5. Be alert to cultural differences in situations outside of one’s culture, including noticing cues indicating miscommunication or causing an inappropriate action or response in a situation
  6. Act respectfully according to what is appropriate in the culture and the situation where everyone is not of the same culture or language background, including gestures, expressions, and behaviors
  7. Increase knowledge about the products, practices, and perspectives of other cultures

Additional information about the camp:

  • The camp will cap at a maximum of 15 students
  • Students will spend half the day having a language (TBD) immersion experience and the other half learning about Intercultural Competence
  • The cost for the camp is $200 (with limited needs-based scholarships; a discount is also available for enrolling more than one student from the same household)
  • Students who attend the whole week of camp will be given a Certificate of Participation

Payment and Registration Deadline: Monday, April 22nd, 2024

After registration, click here to make your payment.

For any questions regarding the summer camp, please email us at CLLCPrograms@osu.edu

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Please follow these instructions:

1) REGISTER for the Global Citizen Summer Camp. Do not make a payment until registration is complete.

2) READ our Cancellation Policy

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If you are registering more than one student from the same household, click HERE for the associated discount. Be sure to update the quantity from "1" to the number of students you are paying for.

*Note: Limited need-based scholarships (50% discount of the tuition) are provided on a first come first served basis. Please email Sandhya Shanker (shanker.35@osu.edu) by April 8th, 2024 if you are interested in a need-based scholarship for your student.


If you cannot pay through our online portal:

Checks must be made out to "The Ohio State University” and can be dropped off/mailed to:

100 Hagerty Hall
1775 College Road
Columbus, OH 43210

If you mail us a check, please include a note with the name(s) of the student(s) you're paying for. Checks without this information will not be deposited and will be sent back.