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The Space: A Digital Collaborative Classroom

From its design to the selection of furniture and technology, this classroom is designed to encourage and facilitate cooperative, collaborative learning between and among language and culture students.  In The Space, the role of the instructor changes dramatically: rather than taking center stage, he or she assumes a facilitative, assistive role and organizes instruction to maximize student independence and interaction through the use of available technologies.   For example, small or large groups of students can create digital projects and stories using movie-making software adding images, music and narration.  Also, publishing software can be used to load online newsletters with images, links and short stories as outreach to the community.

The Space offers five state-of-the-art collaborative learning pods for 2-6 students with a capacity of 30. The room’s speaker system allows for high quality HDMI film viewing, as well as a portable SMART-like Technology Board (ENO Board) that can be controlled by the instructor or the students.  PC laptops are available for each student if desired and rolling chairs provide 360-degree mobility for ease of collaboration.  Language and culture learning requires communicative, student-centered spaces for large and small group work.  Each pod allows for direct connection of any student device to its large flat screen (located at one end of each pod).  Consequently, each student group may collaborate on projects using Internet 2 technologies, videos and audio resources and share with either their group or the whole classroom.  The instructor has complete control of each display and can override student display decisions or let them use their creativity to enhance this student-centered approach. Please contact Tia Jones for more information about The Space.

If you are interested is reserving The Space Center for classes, workshops, events, etc., please fill out the form here.