Kermit L. Hall Videoconference Center


The Kermit Hall Videoconference Center with state-of-the-art Polycom HD technology welcomes up to 25 participants. For the past several years, third semester OSU Spanish students and their fourth-year counterparts at New Albany High School have studied Spanish language and culture together via this videoconferencing facility. OSU students have studied Uzbek, Tibetan, Mongolian, Czech, Papiamentu and others. Many of these are made available through the Committee of Institutional Cooperation (CIC) – a cooperation of several Big Ten universities and the University of Chicago. This venue provides easy access to live music concerts from around the world, as well as intimate conversations with international authors. Two smaller videoconferencing facilities are also located in the CLLC. For more information about any of these vidoeconference venues please contact Sujan Manandhar.