Global Citizens Summer Camp Buckeye Funder is LIVE!

February 5, 2019
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This summer, The Ohio State University will be hosting the first Global Citizens Summer Camp (June 3-7). This camp gives local middle school students an introduction to the French, German, Italian, and Portuguese languages and cultures. We are also giving a unique experience to Ohio State undergraduate students who will be responsible for language and cultural instruction (under the guidance of Professor Janice Aski, of the Department of French and Italian), and a graduate student who will help run the camp.

Since this is the first year of the camp, our funding and support for the students is limited. Your support of any amount would be greatly appreciated. We also ask that you consider sharing information about the camp and our fundraiser widely to anyone who might be interested:   

Our donation campaign is being run through BuckeyeFunder (similar to GoFundMe) which means that even a donation of one dollar can, in the collective, make a difference for the student participants.
The donations help fund scholarships for this year’s camp and snacks for the kids, and provide support for the camp in 2020.
Our Buckeye Funder page can be found here:
For more information on the camp, please go to
Our Buckeye Funder is only open for one month. 
Please help us reach our goal of $5500 by February 28th.

Even the smallest contribution will go a long way to giving the students an extraordinary experience this year and in the coming years!

Feel free to use the image below to share with our message on social media. Thank you for your community spirit in the support of Columbus youth.


Janice M. Aski
Professor of Italian
Director of French and Italian Undergraduate Studies
Director of the Italian Language Program

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