Upgrades to Crane Café designed to foster community at Hagerty Hall

January 15, 2020
New standing table are part of the upgrades to the Crane Cafe.

If you haven’t stopped by Hagerty Hall’s Crane Café recently, you should.

Through support from the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the café has new upgrades designed to foster community in Hagerty, including the Crane Café Fireside Chat area.

The Fireside Chat space features new furniture that surrounds an 80-inch television and a digital fireplace where student groups, classes and organizations can gather to watch and discuss films, host conversation groups or cheer on their favorite team during the next World Cup.

Did you know this month marks the 15th anniversary of the Hagerty Hall renovations? Check out this story from the Lantern about the work.

“We wanted the Crane Café to be more of a destination than just a place to stop for five minutes to pick up coffee,” said Rebecca Bias, the center’s assistant director.

The Crane Cafe Fireside Chat area features a new 80-inch tv.

The Crane Café, which opened in 2005, has served as meeting grounds for coffee and light breakfast or lunch fare in a globally inclusive, technology-rich environment. The café is flanked by television screens that continually broadcast more than 25 international channels in 14 languages. Tables are reserved throughout the week for conversation gatherings, where students can practice their language skills. Students can also test out language and culture apps on a digital interactive app board.

The upgrades, which include standing tables near the auditorium, are just the first phase of changes the CLLC has planned for the space. Bias said future plans next year and beyond include more new furniture and additional technology upgrades.

To celebrate the space, the center is hosting a Spring 2020 Welcome Back reception that will include refreshments and opportunities to connect with several language departments. The Center for Career and Professional Success and the Office of International Affairs will also be on hand to talk to students.

Interested in reserving the Crane Café Fireside Chat space? Contact Sujan Manandhar at manandhar.1@osu.edu