Teaching in Schools and Universities

The outlook for classroom teaching is outstanding. The American Association for Employment in Education predicts retirements will cause a dramatic increase in hiring for the next seven years. Starting salaries also are rising, especially in programs such as special education. 

If you are considering teaching foreign languages at the elementary or high school level, consult a College of Education and Human Ecology advisor at OSU for the best possible course track for you, and continue to study your foreign languages(s) at the advanced level. 

If you are considering teaching at the college level, you might want to consider Graduate School at OSU. Courses in pedagogy and Second Language Acquisition can be integrated into your graduate studies as you ready yourself to teach languages in higher education. You may also be able to serve as a Graduate Teaching Associate, and gain even more experience instructing college-level students. 

A career as a faculty member may be appealing if you are interested in college-level teaching or research. Many Internet sites provide up-to-date information about Graduate Schools in the U.S. that specialize in languages. For example, this site on Grad Schools for Spanish Language and Literature Studies is searchable by state and worldwide. 

The Modern Language Association and the Chronicle of Higher Education publish available faculty and administrative positions year-round. With your subscription you may ask for immediate notification of any job postings in your areas of interest, within a defined geographic region.

The College of Education and Human Ecology at OSU will help you with FAQs and statistics, as well as one-to-one counseling in your search for a language career in education.

International Employment in Education

If you are committed to pursuing international employment in education, you have a better chance of attaining that goal by first securing a domestic position with an organization that conducts international business. After a period of employment demonstrating your capability for advancement, you can then apply for the international position you want from within. Here are few examples: 

Sample Job Postings:

ARON Corporation 

Candidates for a teaching position with ARON must have an accredited Bachelor's degree combined with a strong understanding and masterful command of the English language. Japanese language ability and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teaching experience are very helpful but not mandatory. 

Novar Group of Japan

A position with Novar affords you a chance to interact with dynamic people from all over the globe, discover a centuries-old culture, learn a new language and challenge the way you view the world. With over 800 branch locations and a state-of-the-art multimedia learning center, Nova Group is Japan's largest and most innovative language school.