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You can choose you career from among countless possibilities due to the growth of the global economy and the need for careers in which foreign language skills are essential. You should consider all possibilities that your university has to offer, and flexibility and adaptability will play a key role in your career pursuits. 

Where should you start when considering a career in foreign languages? First of all, you should decide whether or not you want to pursue your language as a major area of study (as a foreign language teacher, for example). 
You might prefer to major in another content area at OSU, such as, for example: International Business, Marketing, Engineering, or Law, combined with a second major or a minor in one or two foreign languages. In these cases, your foreign language skills enhance your major area of expertise, as many careers require foreign language skills in addition to those necessary for the position. 
At OSU, for example. the following departments offer major and minor programs in Business or Professions:
    1.  Spanish Minor for Business
    2.  French Minor for Professions
    3.  French Major for the Professions
The International Programs Office & CIBER support a variety of international opportunities for Fisher College of Business undergraduate students. These programs vary from short term to longer term. Some can be completed in a few hours and others as long as an academic year. Here are a few popular areas of study:
    1.  International Business Administration
    2.  Management of the Import/Export Firm
    3.  Emerging Market Fields Study
The World Economy and Business specialization of the International Studies major at OSU is intended to provide students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the causes of economic globalization. They also offer the following majors which can be combined with language study for a well-rounded background with an international focus:
    1.  African Studies
    2.  Development Studies
    3.  East Asian Studies
    4.  International Relations and Diplomacy
    5.  Latin American Studies
    6.  Middle East Studies
    7.  Security and Intelligence
    8.  Slavic and East European Studies
    9.  West European Studies
  10.  World Economy and Business
Please see OSU's International Studies site for more information about these majors. 
Another exciting focus area to be combined with your language studies might be The OSU Homeland Security program. This program was recently established to promote and support research, study, and technology development, leading to practical, affordable solutions to the current and future security challenges America faces at home and around the world.