Getting a Job

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In order to find an ideal job using your world languages, you should build a solid resume that highlights your experiences abroad, your language proficiency, and your appreciation of foreign cultures. Once you have built your global resume, you can view job postings and other career resources to start you on your way. You should also be prepared to take one of several nationally recognized language proficiency exams if requested by your potential employer.

  • Global Resume
    Your resume is your first encounter with a prospective employer. Carefully preparing your global resume and cover letter can set the stage for an exciting international career.
  • Language Proficiency Exams
    As you prepare for interviews for position which require language skills, you may be asked to take a language proficiency exam to demonstrate your abilities as they relate to nationally and internationally accepted standards.
  • Job Posting
    In this section you will be directed to many sites that list job postings that can be searched by keyword, language, location, content area, etc.'