ALI Undergraduate Intermediate/Advanced Study Abroad Scholarships



The Advanced Language Institute, funded by the Loann Crane endowment, will provide five $1250 scholarships for undergraduate Study Abroad at the intermediate or above level in a world language (not English) during Spring semester, and eight $1250 scholarships for summer Study Abroad at the same level.

If an undergraduate student pursues a Study Abroad program NOT affiliated with OSU, they are still required to enroll in supplemental insurance and have their travel approved by risk management through OIA. In addition, their internship program has to be pre-approved by their department (if they expect to earn college credit) or from the CLLC if they are not earning college credit. The internships MUST be in the target language. 

Deadline to apply for summer funding: March 10

Please remind your referral to email the recommendation letter to by the deadline.