Validation for World Language


The majority of OSU students have a world language requirement of three semesters or 12 credit hours. Speakers of languages other than English have three possible options for fulfilling the world language requirement.

  1. If you are a speaker of a language other than English and graduated from a high school outside the U.S. where the main language of instruction was not English, you may request a world language validation. Your advisor can validate your language based on your official records. Please keep in mind that you should meet with your academic adviser to find out which courses can be used in lieu of the world language requirement of 12 credit hours. You will NOT be awarded EM credit hours for a validation.
  2. For non-English languages not offered at OSU for which you do not have academic records, you can be validated by taking an ACTFL OPI (oral proficiency interview). Some languages also require a WPT (writing proficiency test).  If your language includes a WPT test, it is required that you take it as well.  You may find that list of languages here (click on OPI AND WPT links) :

There is a fee involved for this option. OSU credit is NOT available for these languages.

Please go to the registrar’s site to sign up for the test here:,

Click on TESTING, (lower left column) ACTFL – Validation under Other Examination Programs (on the right-hand side). Follow the directions to sign up for the test. In order for your exam to count towards validation, you must take it in the Testing Center at The Ohio State University.  If this exam is proctored by someone other than the Testing Center, it will not count for validation.  

3. If you are a Heritage Language Learner (acquired a language from non-course work. i.e. spoke at home) and graduated from a US English-speaking high school, you may request validation by following one of the two options listed below.

A. A Language Taught at OSU

You may take a placement test offered by CLLC or one of the language departments. You can receive EM credit for each class you test out of.

B. A Language NOT Taught at OSU

Please follow the steps in #2 above. You will NOT receive EM credit for OPI/WPT tests.

ACTFL Testing Validation
Language testing results are located in SIS under prior education and tests along with a degree audit. Students receive both a test score and a letter score. “LTI” is the oral exam, while “LTI WPT” is the written exam

See the rubric below for validation tests that require a written and oral component. Testers must receive at least an intermediate mid (50)* for validation.

For validation tests that require only an oral component, testers must score at least an advanced low (70)** for validation.

SIS Score

ACTFL result


S = Superior


AH = Advanced High


AM = Advanced Mid


AL = Advanced Low 


IH = Intermediate High


IM = Intermediate Mid


IL = Intermediate Low


NH = Novice High


NM = Novice Mid


NL = Novice Low