First Steps

Hand Holding Earth

To find a satisfying career and achieve success in the global economy, "Global Citizenry" skills are essential. Good global citizenry skills include:

Strong world language skills

You should achieve an advanced-level of proficiency in a world language, and you should spend time studying in countries where the language is spoken, in order to develop the skills necessary for practical application in your career. You should also choose a wide-variety of upper-level language courses in your studies.

Strong content area

Strong content areas such as International Business Administration, Marketing, Engineering, and Law, combined with world language studies at the major or minor level, will greatly increase your possibilities of finding your ideal job.

Excellent communication skills

Communication skills in any language are a valuable asset to your career pursuits. An advanced level of language proficiency is necessary for engaging in conversations and negotiations with natives, as well as interacting in their culture.

Openness to other cultures (cross-cultural awareness)

Cross-cultural awareness plays a key role in international career pursuits. Second only to linguistic competence, openness to other cultures is a vital component of global interest.

Study abroad, fellowships, internships, and work experience

A work or study abroad experience or applicable work experience offer complete immersion in another culture and the opportunity to interact in business dealings and at social events, as well as in informal day to day stiuations.